Digital Printers in Leicester

  • Do you need small quantities for exhibitions or seminars? (short run)
  • Is time a key factor with to your digital project?

Don't panic! Digital printing may be the solution...

Digital printing is ideal for short runs of brochures, flyers and even business cards and with rapid turn around times, you can always meet your deadline!

Though digital print quality is not as high as that of lithographic, it is an extremely cost effective and rapid method of reproducing your artwork using full colour. Turn around times on short run digital printing can be as little as a couple of days, provided that the files you send are in an acceptable format. The finished quality on some of the high-end digital machines can be exceptional. We also offer professional graphic design of course.

A full range of finishes can be applied to the items which means that while you may be looking for the quality and impact of a full lithographic print, you will be hard pushed to notice the difference accomplished by current modern digital presses.

Digital Printing overcomes the cost/time restrictions that affect the production of litho printing, bypassing the requirement for "plate" making, allowing for shorter print runs. For example; you're just running out of business cards but at the same time you know you are about to relocate with new contact details/addresses etc. 500 business cards could be too many or too expensive but as a stop-gap you could consider printing just 100 cards digitally. This is also economic if you employ temporary or short term staff, or need just a few leaflets to hand out at a seminar or one-day events / exhibitions.

Please contact us with your requirements and our experienced design staff will advise whether to opt for digital printing services, or go for higher quality lithographic options.

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