Simple & Easy Content Management Solutions

As web developers we are continually being approached by customers wanting to manage their own website content, text, images etc. This can now be done simply and easily without requiring any technical or coding knowledge using our simple content management solution.

We offer our clients two solutions for their CMS (Content Management Solution) as an alternative to WordPress based websites:

Basic Content Management

For a small additional annual fee in combination with your web hosting package we can offer an astonishingly easy and simple system for editing the text and images on your website using a web browser, username and password.

The new CMS system offers a really easy to use "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editing interface, all you need to do is log into our CMS portal and get straight into editing the text or images on your website. Contact us for more information or a demonstration on 0116 2791288.

Adobe Contribute CMS Features:

Because we will have created your website using Adobe Dreamweaver, the industry leading website development software, all of our websites are built to be compatible with Adobe Contribute for easy user management of the main text and images within the body of each web page.

We create the initial pages for you using a "template" which effectively locks certain areas of the page, i.e. the overall layout, navigation links and any other complex non-user-editable features of the website. Once you have installed Contribute we can send you a user "key" allowing you to start updating your website content straight away following these three simple steps:

  1. When Contribute loads up on your computer you will see an initial view of your website homepage, simply navigate to the page you are interesed in updating and click a button at the top labelled: "edit".
  2. A copy of the page is then created on your computer (not the live page itself) and you will be able to use MicroSoft Word-like controls to input/edit/remove text and also change images, add new images etc.
  3. When you have completed the editing of the page, you can simply press "upload" or "discard" and that is exactly what will hapen, either updating the live page or discarding your changes.

It couldn't be easier or more cost effective - compare the price below from Amazon to a bespoke Content Management System which could add thousands of pounds to the cost of your website development!
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